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Can I use my kick to generate power in my stroke by timing my kick?
It is true that the leg kicks at the same time that the opposing arm starts the stroke. Yet the purpose of this opposing movement is balance to counter torque, and not power transfer from the lower body to the upper body.  It is also true that ...MORE

Is the "Serape Effect" something I should be aware of in freestyle?
    When you are throwing an object on land, you have a force from your arm pushing a mass outward from your center, transferring energy from your mass to the object.  In swimming we are not sending anything outward or away from the center of our body mass.  Rather the object of swimming is to pull or push your body mass along a line of direction...MORE
Can you please expand on the tilting of the pelvis. I swim with my stomach pulled in (squeezing my stomach muscles) . My hips pull in but my lower back is not arched. It is not possible to arch the lower back in this position. Am I doing it wrong? Any help much appreciated.It sounds as if you are on the wrong track. Try pushing off from the wall in the glide position, hands extended over head, streamlined. Just glide out from the wall without stroking. If you feel out of balance or you feel your legs dragging downward, this needs to be fixed. Try the floating drill shown in the video, lifting your legs just using your back and butt muscles. Practice both the push off and float until it gets easier. The stomach doesn't need to be contracted.

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