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Lesson 1

Lesson goal:  Push off from the wall and become balanced and relaxed

Many swimmers do not have an awareness of balance while they swim. This is evident in the wonky way they twist and turn and even “fall” while swimming. Without balance it is impossible to swim smoothly and efficiently.  

Push off from the wall in the superman glide position. Try to be streamlined with your arms next to your ears if possible. Look straight down and keep a slight arch in the lower back. Glide until you are nearly stopped. At first you may feel squirmy. Continue doing this until you are comfortable and relaxed and feel little or no squirm. You should become aware of your balance and your tension.  You want to be as relaxed as you can be with the same amount of tension you have when you are standing relaxed with shoulders-back good posture. It may take you one to five minutes to achieve the goal.

Here’s a video of a student being a little squirmy with clear tension in his body.

Push Off

The ability to swim balanced with little tension is the cornerstone of effortless swimming and its importance cannot be overstated. If you cannot do it just pushing off from the wall you will not be able to do it while moving your arms, kicking your legs, rotating your body and moving your head to breathe.