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Lesson 4

Drill 1: Standing in waist deep water, try to run. Use your arms to help pull yourself through the water, alternating right then left. If you experiment with the pull you will find that it works best to use your entire forearm and hand, pulling in a straight line near your body.


Drill 2 Finding your “sweet spot”: In deep water, dive down to the bottom. Place your feet on the bottom, stand upright, both hands overhead reaching up and look toward the surface. Take one stroke with one arm to try to propel yourself upward. Repeat this drill several times experimenting with different paths for the stroke. Many students find they automatically engage the forearm early and pull with the hand somewhere between the shoulder and mid-line, between a few inches to a foot away from the chest, and they push all the way through to full extension.

 If you sweep outward, or to the side, the force isn't in the intended line of travel and the body responds by tipping or twisting.

Deep Water Pull

 When you find the right line, lock that in. That is where you should pull while swimming.