Here are a few basic lessons.

We are not a commercial enterprise but coaches.  

Although our videos and discussions of technique do help students understand our approach to swimming, we have found that the greatest improvement occurs when the student is able see their own stroke in slow motion and get our feedback on how their propulsion and drag are influenced by the forces they create.  

If you would like us to help you, do try and get video of you swimming. Be sure to make the video not much longer than 1-2 minutes in length and slow motion at a 12.5% speed (windows movie maker will do that). Try to get underwater video of three complete strokes from the side with the whole body in view, and three complete strokes from the front. Make certain that there is at least one breath taken in the video. If you can't get underwater video, then above water video is OK (also from the side [last lane walking next to the swimmer] and from the front coming into the wall).  You can upload the video to any website (Vimeo, Youtube) and make it unlisted. Then send us the link.  We have helped many people in far away countries by looking at their video

You may make a donation to the Monterey High School Aquatics Program, 101 Herrmann Drive, Monterey, CA 93940.   Faster swimming.
Faster Freestyle by Reducing Drag